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before i start my story i just want to say i am so unbelievably in love with my 1st cuz!  and i thank god for letting me walk into his life.

ok so i'm 21 years old, i've been in a relationship with my cuz for the past 5 years, we met the summer of 2005, i went back to my home country to get to know my family because when i was a baby i was adopted, and never got to know any of my immediate family, so the summer of 2005 was when my life changed. i stayed by my biologicals mum' sister, who has 4 kids 3 daughters and 1 son, i was close 2 1 of the daughters and the son simply because the daughter was the most friendliest and the son was close to my age him bein just 1 year older then me. as the days went by me and my cuz got closer and closer i found that i was able to talk 2 him about any and everything and i started to realise that i liked him more then i possibly shud, but i tried not to acknowledge or act on my feelings simply coz i thought it was probably just a 1 way thing or that it was indeed just wrong for me to have these feelings seeing as he was my first cuz. eventually it got to the point where i just cudnt hold in my feelings any longer and i just had 2 know if he felt the same way, so 1 night we were having our usual late night chats where we wud talk until sunrise, i asked him a basic question i like to call it the question that "trapped him" lol! i asked "if i was a normal girl you met on the street would you find me attractive" now ur prob. wondering y did i ask dat question well reason bein because i already knew he must of liked my personality coz of how well we got on n we just had this instant connection bt i didnt know what he thought of my appearance. anyway he answered yes that he wud find me attractive and from then i knew it was only a matter of time before i told him how i really felt.

so 1 night i plucked up the courage and told him i liked him, like really liked him, he was shocked and didn say anything he walked out the room and sat in the living room for what seemed like eternity at this point my heart was poundin out my chest coz i had just revealed my feelings for him and had no idea how he felt, so after awhile i went to go check on him n find out what he was thinkin n feelin n 2 my suprise he said he felt the same way and from there we decided to go with the flow, a few days after tellin eachotha how we felt we decided to make love and both of us lost our virginity to eachotha.

a couple of weeks later he called me into his bedroom and told me he had sumfin 2 tell me, i was so scared coz i had no idea what he was goin 2 say n he told me he loved me i was so shocked, i didnt know what 2 say apart of me cudnt believe it coz i felt we only knew eachotha like 4 weeks how cud he possibly love me so i turned round and said "u dont love me ur enfactuated" now to this day i have not lived this down lool! everytym he tells me he loves me he turns round and says nah i dont love u im enfactuated with u lool! he told me when i sed dat i really hurt his feelings coz he was in fact fallin in love with me more n more every day. anyway anotha 3 weeks passed and that was the end of my holiday, wow i remember it was so hard leaving him neither of us wanted 2 b seperated bt i had 2 go, but luckily during da holiday we kept a diary i had 1 n he had 1 n we use 2 right msgs in eachothas 1. we decided that we wud continue our relationship and have a long distant one.

ur prob wondering if any of our family members knew about us well no one knew bt we have 1 aunt who loves to stir shit n she started sayin how she thought we were 2 close n started puttin ideas in otha ppl's head so ppl started watchin our every movement bt we managed 2 stay undercover

so from 2005-2009 we continued our relationship at the beginning it was really hard doin the long distance coz we missed eachotha so much i tried breaking up with him several tyms bt he just wudnt let me n he told me i had 2 hold on n hav faith so i did after like 3 years it felt like id never see him again. but then in 2009 his sis got married the one that i was really close 2 n i was a bridesmaid so i went bk to my home country and was back with my baby. it felt so gud 2 b bk with him altho this holiday was much harder because i went with 1 of my otha cuzins and she constantly use 2 b around us and spyin on us so it wasnt as easy as da 1st holiday but we gt though it and we made the best out of it. after the wedding we decided to tell his sis about us she was shocked at 1st bt she gave us her blessing and her word that she wudnt tell anyone, in 2006 i told my sis about our relationship n she too sed wotever makes us happy.

in 2010 my otha cuz gt married bt he gt married here in the uk so my cuz/bf came over for the wedding and again we were back together and more happy then ever, except for he too came with baggage this tym so it was very hard 4 us 2 b alone and just be a couple. at the end of the holiday we decided 2 mutually break up because we thought theres no way we can do this like our family wud never accept us because during his stay over here we was gettin so much crap n diff family members were tryin 2 stop us from hanging out, but yet again we found our way thru it. bt yh we got to the point wher we just thought we shud try and just be gud friends and go from there coz if we meant 2 b we will be. the next day he left to go bk home again anotha sad gudbye, it was torture watchin da man i love leave me. when he gt bk home for about a week we just kept arguing coz we realised we loved eachotha 2 much 2 let go and to give up all da hard work we've put into this relationship so we decided to get back together and that's wher we r now, we're just trying to figure out how we're gunna make this work he's plannin on movin to the uk in da nxt 3 years and until then we're just guna keep travellin bk n forth to see eachotha until that tym cums!

our biggest problem right now is how r we gunna tell da family coz they'll disowon us :( luckily ive told all my closest friends n they've met him n been very supportive of our relationship n we're so greatful for that x

if u hav any questions or comments plz feel free to write back, it's comfortin knowing we're not the only ones out there! :)


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