cuzni (cuzni) wrote in cousin_couples,

New to this type of thing.

Hi there. Just a bit about me, I'm 40, and in an open marriage. Wife and I are completly happy so that has no bearing on my other relationships.
I am new to this whole thing, but have had an attraction to my cousin for about 20 years. We recently started talking after not being so close the last few years, for a completly different reason. To make things short, I ended up telling her about my feelings and found out that she has felt the same way, tho only the last 2 years for her. We are going to start working on a relationship and see what happens. We are both married so strictly a friend/lover relationship.  We are both nervous as to what will happen, although both very excited. Any advice will be appreciated, as we both are new to this thing.
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