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me and my cousin love story

i am 17 nd my cousin 18 . ..   well our family members r close we keep meetin everyyear or so ..   well during my prime i used to stay in gulf but when i became 12 i came to my native .well during big occasions we used to meet..( gettogether) we met bfore but none of us had any feelings for each other . we were just cousins nd nothing else. nd btw  my name is a***** nd mu cousin's is n**** ..

  when i was 15 my dad's side family decided to go for a trip to malaysia .. it was then i started gettin attracted to her .. well all of us(cousins) were together for 5 days .. we were on the beach side nd all of us were holding hands nd jumpin high when the waves came .. i wanted to hold her hand so i took a round about and held her hand.. and man it felt like heaven .. but i knew i ws attracted to her but i didt know was it love or not.. when we returnd all of us departed but i couldnt stop thinkin abt her .. i did not want to i thought it was bad but i realised the more i tht abt her the more happy i become .. nd later i came to knw i fell in love with her.. but i never told her cause i ws scared she would feel weird 

    well we met twice after that but nothin much happened 

       after 1 year or so family makes a plan to visit jammu nd kashmir(india) but my sis me nd my cousin(n****) stayed due to exam issues. so n**** (cousin) stayed back in my house. well we used to talk everyday late night , go for a walk for hours nd we became closer.. i never knew what was her feelings for me .. one the last day she bid gudbye nd went .. oo felt so bad 

  but we started chattin a lot from then on facebook :D   nd then one day i while chattin i told her to pray something for each other nd then she told she asked something tat she can never tell me i am like wht she told she can never tell me nd then i told her if u dont i will nd then i mssaged i l u ..but she acted like she did not understand wht i l u means .. i told her i wont study for my exams if she wouldnt tell me ... nd then at one once she sent i love u soo mch !!!!!! felt like heaven wow i thanked god  a million times ... . but she was scared cause our parents would never allow we didt know wht to do but our love for each other was true  nd then on we been chattin daily more then chattin we send mssages like muah !! hug, kiss lol !! we did not meet then on !! just cant w8 gonna meet her soon in a week or so but i dunno wht to do how will i tell my parents nd hers    she is my 1st cousin nd 1 yr elder plss help me guys nd tell me if u like the story i can keep sending u updates pray for me nd her guys :) 

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