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Hi! I'm new to this but thought I'd post an entry because it's been great to read your stories. I am in a relationship with my first cousin. We live together (we'd get married but I'm a bit phobic about marriage having already been married when I was younger). We have a wonderful son who is nearly 2 years old.
We both met as adults and even though we've been together for 3 years, we're still more in love than ever.
However, because of our relationship we have lost a lot of family and friends. It's been very difficult for us because we have a lot of family in our local area, but only 1 or 2 people have kept in touch. Even my partner's parents (who live 10 minutes away) have not been supportive. When our son was born they wanted to spend a lot of time with him, but they had a lot of animosity towards me (they believed that I seduced their son - even though it was him that pursued me!) and wouldn't listen to me with regards to how I wanted my son treated, or what he ate, using a walker etc. They also couldn't seem to be polite to me either - in face they were downright rude and because of the stress, my milk dried up at 4 months. My partner and I both made a decision based on their treatment of me and also for our son's safety, and that was that they could see our son in our home, but not in theirs. This was also based on their house being the base for a lot of wider family get togethers where drinking would loosen people's mouths and they would all get together and bad mouth us- my partner and I are referred to as 'the sinners' and my son is called ' the innocent'. I have to say, I've never had such a group feeling of malevolence towards me, let alone from my own family. 
After we made this decision, they decided in turn that they wouldn't come to our house. 
We haven't seen them for 10 months now. They've missed out on my son's crawling, walking, first words etc. 
Anyway, after all of this drama - the relationship between my partner and I has grown stronger, mainly because aside from loving each other, we're also all we've got! 
And the upside is it make us appeciate life all the more. My mother has accepted us and totally loved our son.
And after all of the hard times - we'd do it all again because we love each other and we have the most beautiful, wonderful son to show for it. And sometimes you have to know hardships to fully appreciate and know true happiness!
Anyway, that's my story.
Your posts have been great to read because I don't know any other cousin couples.
OK, that's all. I'd better go before I write a whole novel.
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