kuyapinoy83 (kuyapinoy83) wrote in cousin_couples,

We Have a Baby! Why Can't We Be Together Still?

wow, ok. i was an immigrant to the US from the Philippines for 17 years, so i never knew my dad's side of the family well at all. i lived in the philippines for a few months for med school there with my cuzin who my parents were going to pay for her education if she lived with me and be my "maid" so to speak so i cud adjust more easily to philippines life. instantly, we fell in love. i really really really love this woman. she's 20 and im 23. unfortunately, i did not like school there and needed to come back to the US. so we both decided to have a baby to tie ourselves together so to speak. we did, and we very much boldly revealed that she was pregnant. so much drama happened until now believe me! a lot of crying and anger from me and my parents. rite now we are separated because i am going to find work here to support her while she's back home in the philippines, pregnant. it is difficult for her to migrate to the US, as those of you who know how difficult the process is of getting a US Visa. we try to communicate all the time. our parents still don't accept us being together, but in the meantime they are there to support us with our new coming child. my main problem now is that they still won't allow us to be together. i have told them i intend to marry her. no one but our immediate family knows about us and the baby. it's a very big secret. but it is very very hard trying to convince the family. i told my cousin to please just be there for me, never to leave me and focus on the child. i only want those two things from her. she said she will. so the drama will continue but as of now i think our family are just waiting for the distance and time to kill our love for each other. sometimes i have thought of committing suicide, but as long as she doesn't leave me, i will be fine. i have dreams for the two of us. she is still going to nursing school for 4 years in the philippines. i will wait for her i promised. while i on the other hand have already graduated b.s. biology but getting another degree in bachelors in nursing which will only take 2 years instead of 4 cause i have courses credited from my biology degree. in the meantime i talk to her online all the time and through our video phone. and with my upcoming job i plan to visit her twice a year until we're together for good. hopefully after being together for so long, our family will have no choice but to let us marry. it really is difficult. i pray all the time!
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